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2 Simple Juicing Recipes To Try

Updated: Mar 21


It's been one of those full on weeks where it seems like 24hrs isn't enough but somehow we make it by controlling the things we can whilst digesting every motivational and bible verse there is to keep us moving. Who knows what i'm talking about? lol.

Today feels like a good day to share something healthy to get us started for the week. They're not new recipes but they are simple and if you're like me who struggles to get in the '5 a day', then you might want to consider juicing. You'll get the rich vitamins your body needs in a fruit juice and you'll feel the difference in your overall health and lifestyle.

The Juicer

To start your juicing journey, you'll need a juicer. The juicer perfectly separates juice and pulp, extracts the high-purity juice and preserves the rich nutrients in your fruits and vegetables. I first learnt about juicing from a friend saw it as a way of getting her kids to eat their fruits. She mentioned getting them involved in the process. It's fun for them but also makes them want to try out lots of different fruit juices. I thought it was brilliant and I invested in one myself and to be honest, my skin tells the difference when I juice.

As you can imagine, there are various types of juicers some of which are high end and some reasonably priced. It's worth considering your family needs and how you plan to balance whole foods and juicing. This may help you decide of what to look out for when investing in a juicer. I personally wasn't looking to replace juicing with my food so I was out for a basic but functional type and what I really like about this juicer is the two-speed regulation for different fruits and vegetables and it's got the 'Hard' function for when you're not sure if the food is hard or soft. It's super easy to put together and very convenient to clean.

Recipe 1- Lemon x Orange x Apple x Ginger

I read online the other day that this blend is high in vitamin c and can help to boost your immunity. I love my lemons and so naturally I'm always interested in any smoothie or juice recipes that i can add it to. This does taste sour but me thinking about it fighting all the germs is totally worth it. For this, you'll need;


2x peeled oranges

1/4 peeled lemon

1 medium apple

1/2 fresh ginger

This serves half a glass cup packed with rich undiluted nutrients. Add some ice if you like your chilled juice and enjoy. What's your flavour- sweet or sour? Let me know in the comments below.

Recipe 2- Kale x Orange x Banana x Strawberry

I have to be honest with you, I eat my kale but not in the healthiest ways because when I make my traditional soup with kale, it has quite a bit of oils, though very yummy, not the healthiest and so I try to make some kale smoothies every now and then. Try this juice if you want to your vegetables but in a sweet drink. You'll need;


1 x peeled orange

1 x cup of strawberries

2 x kale leaves

3 x carrots

1 x ripe banana

Did you know? Bananas are low in calorie and high in fiber which make them a more filling snack than other process sugary foods.

On those days when you feel you need the energy but don't want to load yourself with unhealthy snacks, try this blend to kickstart your day.

The Extras- 4 x Medium Gala Apples

What do you do with your left over fruits? Juice them and enjoy! It's amazing how easy, quick and convenient it is to pop your fruits in there and let the juicer do all the work. Here, I had a bit of apple left over and made half a jug of fresh apple juice.

Some fun & nutritional facts

  • If you freeze banana slices, you can blend them with some cocoa powder to make chocolate “nice cream.”- 'healthline.com


  • Red bell peppers are simply green bell peppers that have been left on the vine to continue to ripen. They were named by Spanish explorers searching for peppercorn plants to produce black pepper have and have more than twice the vitamin C of a green pepper .-'jeffsgardenfoods.com

  • Brazil is the world leader in orange production and the best way to store them is loose rather than in a plastic bag, because they can easily develop mold if exposed to moisture.-'Justfunfacts.com


  • Peppers are actually fruits because they are produced from a flowering plant and contains seeds- most people think of them as vegetables- 'dpi.wi.gov


That's it for today guys. I hope these come in useful for you this week and if you do get juicing with these or any other recipes, please tag me @dolasjournal I'd love to share.

Till my next post and as always I'm sending you love and light! I hope the new week is kind to you.

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