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From Bland To Bold. Installing A Wall Mural Totally Changed The Game.

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Hi guys, recently a company called PHOTOWALL UK/SWEDEN asked to do a collaboration with me and at first glance on their Instagram I was impressed so I said yes! I went through all the fine details and had a quick look on their website and the words " wallpaper, murals" immediately popped up and my first reaction was.. no way I love my precious white walls! lol. I decided I was simply going to go for a large canvas instead. That quickly changed because the more I kept browsing for a picture frame, I was rather attracted to the wall paper selection. I know right.. talk about decisions decisions lol.


Anyway, it was crunch time, I had to make a decision. but rather than being an interloper, as its 'our home' I decided to ask the hubby for his thoughts. (More like throw it at him and blame him if it went wrong in the end *wink*) Knowing him, I had to narrow my options to three different wallpaper designs and a canvas idea ; you know, just to make it easy on him lol. I did a quick mock up of designs on a mood board to see how it'll look in the room with all the furniture and décor we already have and alas we had a winner! I knew I wanted only three colours around the room and I wanted something edgy and artistic. The thought, "If you're going to go bold, you might as well go BOLD" kept popping up in my head like in the movies with those cloud boxes that suddenly pop up when the actor is daydreaming of something sinister or interesting lol (you probably think I watch way too many movies at this point)

I digress- back to the point; We both surprisingly loved the 'RAINBOW VI' wallpaper. It was bold, it was stunning to look at and it just felt like you could never get tired of staring at it. okay fine, it was basically outside of my comfort zone but I /we loved it. I took some measurements, went back to them with the details, they created it to our specifications and we received it within three days.