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My Recent Interview With Furniture & Choice UK.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Here’s the back story, sometime in July, on one of those school run days when the weather wasn’t looking too good, the inbox was full and I was basically waiting for a Friday ~ I mean we all have those days sometimes right!

I remember getting an email and I made sure I got home to read again just to be sure lol. It read..”As part of our ‘Homes We Love’ series, your home will be in the spotlight for the month of August, where you’ll be able to share decorating tips and your personal interior style. I read it well, it was a “pinch me” moment and I immediately knew August was blessed. #itsawin

I’m incredibly happy to be able to share this article with you,talking about my home style and some of my must have decor ideas! Thank you to the lovely team who put everything together!

It only took about 100 takes 🎥 and me saying cut cut cut the entire time! but the cookie drawer was open throughout so it was totally worth it 😅. They’ve joined @tiktok with this video so please watch, 🤎 and follow them for more on this series.

Have a look on their website for the full interview and other amazing home style inspirations. https://www.furniturechoice.co.uk/inspiration/homes-we-love-contemporary-in-colour_a10000230

Till my next post, I’m sending you love and light.



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