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Introducing Colour To Your Bedroom. 3 accessories that can bring it to life.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Hi lovelies, January just seems to drag on or is it just me? I've started to see some heart shaped balloons in the shops so I guess we know what's coming!. Tell me, do you celebrate valentines day? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Right, let's get on with today's post shall we.

I love colour, their meanings and I enjoy being able to represent them throughout my home. Lately I've been studying the colour wheel and the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colours to be able to create beautiful themes and I thought I'd share a few ideas starting with the bedroom.

Image source

First, be open with your imagination as you read this, next I'd like for you to take a quick mental picture of what your bedroom looks like now and scribble down three colours that come to your mind. Try not to overthink it, it'll all blend in beautifully eventually.

The bedroom is probably the most personal room in the house and should reflect the personality of whoever is occupying it. In some cases, it may be shared with your spouse, or between the kids and like we know, everyone has different tastes in style or colour. The questions that usually come up are;

- How can I add colour to my bedroom?

- We have different tastes in style and colour, how do we compromise?

So let's break it down into three parts to start with to see how we can introduce colour with a few accessories.

The Bedframe

We'll start from here because it's the one furniture that sets the theme for the rest of the room . Think about the style of the bed in relation to room’s scheme. Try not to also ignore the role the headboard plays in the room; you want to focus on the height of the bed in relation to the height of your ceiling. These days, the colour and style options are unlimited.

You could choose a bright or bold colour like the mustard frame above and tone it down with your bed linen and other accessories; or choose a neutral bedframe like beige or white and layer it up with more fun vibrant accessories around the room.

Here are some of my top places to shop for unique colourful bed frames

The Sitting Area

If you have the space for it, you can add an accent chair in a corner by choosing a bold colour that stands out from the theme in the room. Keeping everything else neutral or calmer, this not only adds in a splash of colour but also creates a beautiful focal point for the room.

From the image above, I was looking to show how the combination of blue/green which are neighbourly colours on the wheel can be calming in a room setting. What I did was to choose a subtle beige paint for the wall (I was thinking warmth), keep the art simple but with texture and kept the furniture dark /traditional so that the chair can stand out on its own.

If you like this idea and would love to explore some more beautiful accent chairs, then check my list here for some websites that stock the best. Feel free to add some more in the comments section too;

The Accessories

Let's group them into beddings, wall art and cushions


Think of your bed linen as your opportunity to layer in your colours. It's also a good way to meet your partner's taste in the middle. This is where you can use patterns as a compromise.

For example, if you prefer florals but your partner like a plain detail, you can invest in a floral duvet set that has a bit of your partners favourite colours and dress it with their choice of throw or quilt. This way there's a balance and you still get the sense of colour and style you're looking for.

Here are my go to affordable places to shop for bed linens;


I personally love having cushions around the house and especially in the bedroom. We will talk about the best types of cushions to invest in later, but for now let's just say cushions are a rather inexpensive way of adding colour to the theme in your bedroom. From florals to lines and texture, you can switch it up at anytime. You can also use this as a way of tying in both you and your partners different tastes together; by styling with a pair of each of your preferred colours on the bed.

If you're looking to switch things up in your bedroom, then check out these shops for some affordable cushions and covers;

Wall Art

This can be a bit tricky because the bedroom is usually a place to wind down and so you want to choose art that helps you relax. If you've already introduced colour with your bedding and cushions, then it's safer to tone the theme down by adding art with soft neutral designs. This way, the room is not overpowered by too much colour.

Some really popular places to search for cool wall art are;

In case you're as curious as I am, here are some primary and secondary colours from the wheel for your reference. Makes you want to get out some paint doesn't it lol.


Secondary (mix 2 primary colours)


Yellow +Blue= Green


Red + Yellow= Orange


​Blue + Red= Purple

Here's a piece of exercise you can try. When next you go window shopping at dfs or dream beds, ask the team if you can pair some of their floral or colourful cushions/covers/bedspreads together on their display bedframe just to see how it'll look. It's fun and you can visualise a theme for your bedroom. What do you think?

Till my next post, I'm sending you love and light as always. Don't forget to hit the subscribe bottom at the bottom of this screen so you don't miss my post. Like, share, comment and follow me on Instagram @dolasjournal to see what I get up to daily.

Thank you for reading!




Wow! Such a great and educative post Dola! Thanks for sharing this! 🤎

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