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The Easy Peasy Declutter Guide.

Updated: Jan 5

As much as I love sharing how I organise my home, I’m also keeping up with myself constantly finding new ways to make an old space better so thank you for journeying with me.

If I really had to do the ironing, best believe I’m taking full advantage so I can leave the wardrobe open to admire 😅.

That being said, de clutter season is up in my home. This is what I do;

~ Take everything out. It can be daunting trying to work out which layer to start with but the quickest way is to reap off the bandage, I mean go hard on it. Take it all out. Do that and you’re ready for step two.


~ Check if it still fits.

Now this part gets me all the time. This is where I either suffer the consequences of those Friday pizza meal deals or jump for joy that my kale smoothie cleanse from last month actually worked! This is make or break people.. but it’s step two.

~ Do we still wear them?No sentiments

So we’ve crossed the ultimate challenge but do we still want that crop top we bought in a hurry three summers ago or the coat that has never seen the light. It’s worth thinking about because someone out there may need it more than the closet.

~ Bag and Donate

My personal favourite stage. It’s important to treat this part with love because even though you’re giving it away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash and fold like you would if they were going back in your closet. Find your local charity and make that drop. It’s a blessing.

~ Refresh and organise the new space.

Phew! now comes the part where you now realise there’s space for more. Everything looks fresh and arranged. Go easy on the shopping so you don’t end up with another pile!

In my next series on this, we’ll talk about the different types of clutter personalities and how it affects your home organisation.

Ps. Today I’m checking if it still fits. Lord help me 😅.

How often do you declutter in your home and do you find it enjoyable or not?



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