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How to create the perfect hallway style

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Hi guys! This week has been a celebratory one for me as I recently concluded and passed my final interior design certification course. It's taken me a full year+ in-between balancing work and family life to finish but like they say its not how long it takes but how well. I do feel like I've learnt quite a lot and I'm now ready to share more knowledge with you so yay for me. That being said I might just give myself a little pamper treat this weekend. what do you think? lol.

In the spirit of sharing my new interior design knowledge, I thought I'd share a few ways you could create that entryway of dreams. Your entrance hall is the place where your guests are welcomed. It creates that first impression for anyone visiting your home and you so really want something that gives them a lasting impression. You could choose to go grand and glam or subtle and within a budget. Either way, you want it to feel warm, light and reflect the personality and theme that's running throughout your home.

Source- Architecture Art Designs


A good level of lighting is always needed in the hallway to set the mood for the space. Whether ambient lighting (perfect for adding light to large areas),accent lighting (usually used to highlight features in a long narrow room) or task lighting (best suited for making some specific things easier), the most important thing to remember is the size and space you have in your hallway and the amount of natural light that is already available. For example, you can uplift a small dark hallway by simply adding table lamps to your console table. Choosing the right lighting will not only add depth to your hallway but add a certain type of style to it as the start of creating that dreamy aesthetic.



You’d mostly see the traditional hardwood flooring tiles and wood but if you prefer the warmth of carpets in your hallway, it's worth considering a door mat to avoid dirt on your rug. Adding a rectangular runner rug serves a number of functions; one of which includes adding charm to your theme. For example, adding a geometric runner rug to your neutral hallway will instantly make it pop with personality.

Source- Dolasjournal


First consider the size of your hallway. Try not to overload it with too many accessories. There’ll be more areas around the house to express your full personality. Here you really want to focus on warmth, simplicity and charm. If you have a small hallway, adding a large mirror alone could give the much needed illusion of space and a large hallway space could benefit from having an accent chair in the corner as well for those last minute adjustments or even a cosy alone time.

Source- Sheila Mayden Interiors

Warm it up with a few cushion(s), throw in a few greenery and some family portraits or art that complements your personal style. A console table is a good way to make your hallway look luxe, however if you are looking for a cost effective alternative, adding a wooden radiator cover could serve the same purpose on the budget.

Source- Dolasjournal


The area under the stairs can be overlooked and underutilised but is the perfect opportunity for storage. Yes! the possibilities are endless and I for one love a good organised storage system. I mean, use it as an extra shoe storage space, a mini library, extra clothes storage or even a mini pantry! You could get it bespoke fitted or DIY with an IKEA home storage system. There's so much value from it and it's worth considering if you're looking for areas around your home to add storage.

If you have the luxury of a wider hallway space and are looking for a quicker option to store a few bits then adding a basket could be the ideal solution. They're cost effective and certainly add that traditional warmth to any space. You could style it by using it as an umbrella holder, cushion storage or toss in a throw for that cosy feel.


Something To Try

These are only a few ways to transform your hallway. Those extra little touches could totally turn it around so if you're in the mood for a bit of styling, here's a little exercise you could try.

Take a walk around your home, pick four colourful items from different rooms. These could be a mirror, a small rug if you have, a few décor pieces, a picture frame and a basket.

You could get your partner or members of your family involved, it’ll be fun for everyone to add a bit of their tastes too. Style them in your hallway with your personality and theme in mind as you do, then take a step out of your house and walk back in like you're the guest.

Make a note of how you felt walking in; I'm pretty sure you'd love it!

Oh and don't forget to take a before/after of your creation. So worth it! #ididthat *wink* lol

That's it from me today lovelies, till my next post and as always I'm sending you love and light! I hope the new week is kind to you.

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