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Knowing These Could Help You Create Your Hallway of Dreams.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Hi guys! This week has been a celebratory one for me as I recently concluded and passed my final interior design certification course. It's taken me a full year+ in-between balancing work and family life to finish but like they say its not how long it takes but how well. I do feel like I've learnt quite a lot and I'm now ready to share more knowledge with you so yay for me. That being said I might just give myself a little pamper treat this weekend. what do you think? lol.

In the spirit of sharing my new interior design knowledge, I thought I'd share a few ways you could create that entryway of dreams. Your entrance hall is the place where your guests are welcomed. It creates that first impression for anyone visiting your home and you so really want something that gives them a lasting impression. You could choose to go grand and glam or subtle and within a budget. Either way, you want it to feel warm, light and reflect the personality and theme that's running throughout your home.

Source- Architecture Art Designs


A good level of lighting is always needed in the hallway to set the mood for the space. Whether ambient lighting (perfect for adding light to large areas),accent lighting (usually used to highlight features in