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A Simple Way To Free Up Space In Your Dinnerware Cabinet

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hi guys the weather today here in Wiltshire is currently 11 degrees with sunny spells bursting in and I'm not complaining! In fact I'm absolutely enjoying the rays of sunshine just peeking through the blinds and its giving me all the good vibes I need for hump day!

Now that I've had the joy of expressing how glad I am that its not freezing or foggy like its been over the last few evenings, I can now tell you about what todays journal entry really is about.

Let's talk about a simple way to free up some space in your kitchen drawers and cabinets. over the past few months, I've gotten quite a few messages about if and why my dinning table is always set and how I'm able to manage it and as the messages have been repeated, I've now added it to my mental FAQ'S and its inspired this post. So lets get to it.


Can we talk about how lovely it is to walk into your dining room seeing the table set beautifully with a vase of fresh flowers blooming. Its one of the things that gives me joy and I&