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That Kids Ikea Storage You Didn't Know You Needed.

Updated: Feb 6


You know how when you step on leggo you can’t really forget the pain? Say no more, if we could start a “mums who’ve stepped on leggo barefoot“ club we’d be a full group. Lol

l’m here to tell you about that storage solution that has solved most of the toy world problems. I mean it’s sort, dump and close and everything seems like bliss again.

It’s the IKEA Trofast storage combination with boxes. It’s playful and sturdy storage is perfect for storing and organising toys.The frame comes with guide rails, so you can place boxes and shelves where you want them – and change them any time.

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The best part for me is this style fits into narrow spaces and the low storage makes it easier for children to reach and organise their things.

What do you think of this storage system? Click here to check out the other colour options available. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/trofast-storage-combination-with-boxes-white-white-grey-s09330464/

Till my next post, I’m sending you love and light.



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