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Wall Panelling With The Luxury Climate Positive Company Coat Paints Uk

Hi guys, happy new year! It does feel like a long while right?. I hope you enjoyed your holiday and made many lasting memories in the process.

Well like many, I've been recovering from all the food I unapologetically stuffed myself with over Christmas. Let's not get started on me not knowing what day it was throughout or having to mentally prepare for the hustle that comes with the new year!. Like I said, I won't bore you with that, I'll just tell you instead about how I panelled my DD's (dear daughter) room over the holidays.

So Coat paints The luxury climate positive paint company reached out to me a over a month ago to see if I had any home projects in view and if we could potentially work together. Of course I said yes. I mean, it came literally at the time I was looking at paint options at B&Q and to be honest, all the different colours and finishes did confused me a bit.

One type of finish for walls, wood, primers and so much more, clearly I needed expert advise. Their PR consultant was amazing. She did so well explaining to me the differences in their paint finishes and helped me work out how what size of paint I would need for my project. In less that 3 says, I got all m y supplies delivered and I was ready to work.