Wall Panelling With The Luxury Climate Positive Company Coat Paints Uk

Hi guys, happy new year! It does feel like a long while right?. I hope you enjoyed your holiday and made many lasting memories in the process.

Well like many, I've been recovering from all the food I unapologetically stuffed myself with over Christmas. Let's not get started on me not knowing what day it was throughout or having to mentally prepare for the hustle that comes with the new year!. Like I said, I won't bore you with that, I'll just tell you instead about how I panelled my DD's (dear daughter) room over the holidays.

So Coat paints https://coatpaints.com/. The luxury climate positive paint company reached out to me a over a month ago to see if I had any home projects in view and if we could potentially work together. Of course I said yes. I mean, it came literally at the time I was looking at paint options at B&Q and to be honest, all the different colours and finishes did confused me a bit.

One type of finish for walls, wood, primers and so much more, clearly I needed expert advise. Their PR consultant was amazing. She did so well explaining to me the differences in their paint finishes and helped me work out how what size of paint I would need for my project. In less that 3 says, I got all m y supplies delivered and I was ready to work.

I received;

  • 2 x 1l Granny Chic paint from their Eggshell collection which they recommended for my wood panelling.

  • 1 x 2.5l Low Salt from their Flat Matt collection which they recommended would be best suited for my walls.

  • 1x decorating Long sleeve Tee in medium which I thought was so cool and the material was super comfortable.

  • 1x Large Eco Paint Roller.

My plan was to do a half wall panel on the back wall of the room. The entire wall measured 104 x 87inches and I worked out that I needed 47 inches for each panel.

At this point let me just tell you that B&Q https://www.diy.com/ is like my favourite place to be now especially since I started embracing my DIY lifestyle. Exploring is endless, and there's a tool for everything! Like this JCB 240V 210mm Compound mitre saw JCB-MS210-C.

One of the coolest thing about it is the Laser guide which basically makes it accurate for cutting. The Mitre stand was sold separately but I found it really useful because once it’s set up, the stand can be adjusted for height and length, so that you can work as comfortably and as accurately as possible, and it's foldable making it easy to pack away and store.

In a nutshell, here are the tools you'll need;

  • Smooth Spruce Tongue & groove Cladding (L) 2.4m (W)95mm (T)7.5mm, Pack of 5. Even though I found this smooth and easy to cut, I have to say laying it on the wall was so tricky because of the groove. I would recommend going for the Mdf board and having them cut it to your desired measurement at the store. I can honestly say I wont be using these for future projects.

  • No more nails adhesive

  • sand paper

  • sealant gun

  • non slip dust sheet

  • paint roller kit

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • wood primer

  • decorators caulk

To start off, I laid out all my cladding against the wall to see if I had enough and to generally gauge how the layout would look. Luckily this wall didn't have any holes and so it was basically just adding the glue on and laying them one at a time.

I forgot the mention that coat paints had originally sent me their peel and stick sample sheets. This helped me choose the shade I thought would suit the theme in the room. Before laying the panels, I went on to stick them on the wall, just to get a second and third look. We all loved it!

Next, I filled in all the gaps with the decorators caulk. Now this part is usually messy for me, I'm still trying to get the hang of it and I know it shouldn't be that difficult but it just stresses me out. In the end though, it's really worth it to do. So yeah, caulk away!.

Okay good, we've skipped to the good part lol. I couldn't wait to open up that paint. It's so satisfying to splash paint on the wall, make some mess and something beautiful too. I like how easy the granny chic was to apply and I could see the rich yet subtle colour come out from just one coat. (see what I did there? lol)

All of these took a few days. Night and day, the work went on and on and on!. No I'm kidding, of course I took breaks to enjoy some quality family time. I also started binge watching this new series on prime video 'The wheel of time' and I thoroughly enjoyed season 1. You should check it out if you're into sci-fi fantasy type of movies/series.

The finish line.. I'm so pleased with the result and even more proud that I challenged myself on this one and didn't give up. It's not my room, but it does feel good to come in here in the morning, open up the blinds to see how the natural light reflects beautifully on the rich colours in here. As I always say, its always in the little things!

Before I take my hands off the keyboard, here's what I've learnt from this project;

  • use mdf's rather that groove cladding. They're much easier to work with

  • learn how to caulk smoothly. try not to apply to much product so its easier to clean of for a seamless finish

  • be prepared with more than enough glue. going back and forth to the store must stop in my next project.

  • get more paint gears. Paint spills hardly come off clothes.

  • pay attention to socket areas and make calculated measurements when cutting around the edges.

  • plan in advance around family time because it does take a lot of time

  • if panel isn't laying, give it time. leave and come back to it.

  • remember to enjoy the process, it'll be worth it eventually.

That's it for now guys, I will talk about how i styled this room in another post, but for now I'm sending you love and light and I would love to hear about any interest projects you may have coming up this year. do share in the comments section below.

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