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5 tips for an organised kitchen

1.Get as many drawer organisers as you need. It's essential that everything to has it's own space. You can get affordable cutlery organisers, utensil holders and plate organisers in lots of different styles to match the aesthetics in your kitchen. Keep reading for my list of online stores to find the best organisers for your kitchen

2. keep only your frequently used appliances on your counter top to create a neat clutter free workspace. It's difficult to balance because you might have limited space but the trick is to settle on the items you use at least 3 times in the week. A few appliances on my counter top are; air fryer, bread bin, kettle and toaster. What are some appliances you have to have on your counter top?

3. Use utensil holders to store utensils on your counter top . Its great because they'll be at an easy reach when cooking and if you find those really cute one's, they have a way of adding to the aesthetics. I personally love wooden utensil holders because they blend with nearly every colour scheme which means when you switch up styles in your kitchen, you don't need to change your utensil holders

4. Group your appliances together in a corner of your kitchen preferably closer to where the sockets are. This is a good practice but if you have the space, why not hide the appliances you rarely use in a lower cabinet. This way you have more space on your counter top, light and air can bounce through your kitchen better.

5 Invest in airtight containers, jars and labels to categorise your items. This is a really good tip because it helps to keep your dry food items fresher for longer and it's easy to see when you’re running low. If you don't have the space for jars, opt for silicone reusable storage bags. They work just as well!

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other home hacks you use to keep your kitchen organised? Share them in the comments!


Here are my top 5 online stores to shop kitchen organisers

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