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5 Items You Need In Your Kitchen

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


If you’re looking for a sleek way to add style to your kitchen. Not only are storage jars stylish and sophisticated, but also functional especially for households with busy kitchens or people running in and out regularly. They’re perfect for keeping pasta, sweets, spices, granola and so much more. I like to have a jar for everything, labelled because I’m one of those people who’ll open my cabinet doors just to admire.


Talk about the spills, drying off hands, drying the dishes and even holding hot plates. Kitchen towels are generally tougher than the average bath towel and what I love about them is the versatility of being able to use them all around my kitchen. Its worth stocking up on them so that you can have a fresh set ready when others become dirty. Amazon and Habitat have a beautiful range you can explore. For me, I like to style my kitchen towels in my kitchen and sometimes swap out the style depending on the season.


I didn’t know I needed one till I really needed it. What are bread bins or boxes? They basically help to keep or create a breathable environment for your bread for a few days. Don't get completely sucked in yet because after experimenting with the regular bread slices, I noticed they didn't stay fresh for long compared to when use it to keep my artisan bread. I guess its something to think about for bread lovers. Personally, i find them very functional and rather nice to look at on my kitchen counter top compared to the regular plastic bag. A simple change can truly go a long way plus less plastic around the house.


One of my favourite kitchen item. They are durable, can withstand heat and are safe to store your foods in the freezer. When you think about it, the more you reuse them around your home, you're reducing waste which means you're also helping the environment. More importantly, as a homemaker, its one step to helping you save money because everything is organised and you're able to plan in advance what needs to go in your fridge. I'll be talking more about this in detail in another post.



A simple, inexpensive and functional way to organise your plates cupboard; not to mention aesthetically pleasing too. I always love finding items that I can use in many ways and these bamboo organisers are perfect because you can use them for cups, cutting boards, glasses, baking pans, books, to name a few. It scores more points because they are easy to clean and eco-friendly.

Which of these items do you highly recommend? Let me know in the comments.

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