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My journals and how I live a wholesome life

I always talk about how much I love to write but I realised recently that I've never actually shared where I do most of my planning and organising with you. I thought I'd dedicate a post to share my 6 journals I use daily to live a wholesome life.

  1. To- do list- I write 5 things I need to do in a day and tick off as I go. Sometimes I put an achievement sticker especially if I’ve had a really long day and I still managed to finish off one task. Sometimes, a little encouragement might just be the boost we need to get through the day.

3. Note pad- I use this ad hoc, It’s never neat or anything. I tend to jot random things that pop into my head before I have time to make sense of it.

4. Journal- I call this my freedom book. It takes me 5mins sometime during the day to express my feelings and really just throw it all out.

5. Planner- it goes everywhere with me and is really useful to get a picture of what my month will look like. I tend to plan the month in advance, budgeting and expenses for the month in here.

5. Gratitude - I’ve been practicing this thing for a few years now where i take 5mins out of my day to write 10 things I’m grateful for in a day. It’s been my liberation.

6. Scriptures- it’s always on my nightstand for my 1:1 with my maker. I occasionally write my goals in here too.

That’s it lovelies! This post has been a long time coming I thought I’d summarise to inspire someone who may want to start writing 🤎


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